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Qaulity Used Cars in Kingston, Ontario



Kingston Volkswagen is always looking for additional Used Car inventory and would like to buy your car. 


Whether you are looking to trade-in, trade-up or just wanting to sell your car, we are interested.  We are looking for Volkswagen, Audi, or any other brand of vehicle. Regardless of what you are driving, how old it is, or what the mileage is, let us make you an offer.

No charge appraisal from Kingston Volkswagen.

  • Its quick.  We can usually complete the appraisal in about half an hour.
  • Its detailed.  Rather than just “giving you a number”, we will conduct a professional appraisal of your vehicle and provide you with a detailed print out of  the valuation analysis of your vehicle based upon current market conditions.
  • Quick Payment.  We will make you a formal offer that is good for 7 days and if you accept you can have a cheque in hand the following business day.

It really is that simple.  And remember, We will buy your car even if you don’t buy ours!

Why Sell to Kingston Volkswagen?

  • Its Quick and Easy.  The whole process is done in around half an hour. You can get your cheque the next business day and we will even handle your loan payout for you.
  • Its Open and Transparent.  You will get a detailed analysis and explanation of our offer with no haggling.

Why go through the hassle of selling it privately?

No cost or hassle of advertising your car.
No anxiety or danger from meeting with strangers and accepting a cheque from them.
No wasting time





Kingston Volkswagen & Audi
1670 Bath Rd, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 4X9, Canada


Phone: (613) 384-1000          Fax: (613) 384-0928