Newcomer Program

Are you a newcomer to Canada?

We have special programs from Volkswagen, just for you!

Get Behind the Wheel in Canada: Newcomer Options for Leasing or Financing a Volkswagen

Are you new to Canada and looking for a reliable way to get around? Kingston Volkswagen wants to welcome you and make getting a new car easy! We offer special programs designed for newcomers like yourself, allowing you to lease or finance a brand new, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO), or pre-owned Volkswagen.

Here's what you need to know:

Foreign Worker Program:

  • Are you here to work in Canada? This program is designed for temporary residents with work permits, including foreign business professionals, investors, and diplomats on international assignments.
  • Lease or finance: Choose the option that best fits your needs for a term between 12 and 60 months, based on your visa/work permit validity.
  • Down payment: A 15% down payment is required on the vehicle's purchase price.
  • Documents needed:
    • Valid Canadian driver's license
    • Visa or work permit (with expiry date) (Passport required for diplomats)
    • Proof of income: Letter of employment (including income, hire date, position) or current pay stub
    • Last month's Canadian bank statement (for Foreign Investors only)
    • Clean credit history

Student Program:

  • Enrolled in a Canadian college or university full-time? This program is designed specifically for students with valid student visas.
  • Lease a new or CPO Volkswagen: Enjoy the latest features or a reliable pre-owned option, with a lease term that matches your student visa duration.
  • Down payment: A 20% down payment is required, with a maximum financing amount of $75,000.
  • Documents needed:
    • Valid Canadian driver's license
    • Student visa
    • Official letter from your college/university registrar confirming full-time enrolment with end date
    • Three months' worth of bank statements
    • Clean credit history

Benefits of Choosing Kingston Volkswagen:

  • Reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Variety of models to suit your needs and budget
  • Friendly and knowledgeable dealership staff
  • Special programs designed for newcomers to Canada

Ready to Get Started?

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