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Welcome to the exciting world of Electric Volkswagen, in Kingston! Here, cool new ideas mix with old traditions to help make our planet cleaner and healthier. We’re leaders in making electric cars, and we can’t wait to show you our amazing electric vehicles (EVs). Our cars aren’t just any cars—they’re a commitment to quality, efficiency, and the planet. Our electric cars are made just for you, with a mix of Volkswagen’s classic style and the latest technology to make driving fun and eco-friendly!

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Volkswagen Electric Vehicle FAQ

If you have a question about EVs, we have the answer for you.

People used to believe that electric vehicles couldn't go very far, but that idea is changing with the newest generation of EVs traveling over 400, 500, and even 600 km on a single charge. While many of these vehicles used to be too expensive for most people, more affordable EVs with around a 400 km range are now becoming widely accessible.

Just like with gas-powered cars, the saying "your mileage may vary" applies to electric vehicles too. The range of an EV can be affected by factors such as driving conditions, weather, passenger and cargo load, tire condition, and aerodynamics.

Charging times vary based on several factors, such as the type of charging station and the size of your battery:

  • Using a standard 120V outlet with the included home charger, a full charge for a 400 km EV would take over two days. This can be handy for extended periods when the car is parked, like at a cottage, to expand charging options in remote areas.
  • Installing a 240V residential charger at home or work will charge a 400 km EV in about 8-10 hours, allowing you to start or end each day with a full "tank."
  • A 400V+ DC fast charger can provide around 9-10 km of range for every minute of charging, typically lasting about 30 minutes per session.

Many people think that quoted charging times are the rule every time you plug in, but in reality, partial charges are more common. Full charges are less frequent, and ultimately, charging can take as little or as long as you need to prepare for your next journey.

*Estimated charging times are provided for reference only. Actual charging times will vary based on battery state of charge, driving behavior, battery condition, current, resistance, ambient temperature, available voltage, and charging frequency.

Similar to a gas vehicle, your electric vehicle will alert you when it's low on power and will automatically switch to an energy-saving mode. The integrated Car-Net navigation system in an ID. vehicle will guide you to the nearest convenient charging station. Alternatively, there are several excellent charging apps available to assist you in locating a station when you need to recharge.

Your vehicle has a reserve buffer of inaccessible energy to safeguard the battery by minimizing any potential damage from running out of accessible energy.

If you encounter any issues, as the driver of an EV, you can utilize our Volkswagen Roadside Assistance* by dialing 1-800-411-6688. Our flexible policy will transport you to your home, destination, or the nearest fast-charging station based on your needs, prioritizing your safety.

*Coverage is included during the limited new-vehicle warranty term (4 years or 80,000 km, whichever occurs first). Volkswagen Roadside Assistance services are provided by Club Auto.

The network of charging stations in Canada is expanding rapidly. Volkswagen has teamed up with Electrify Canada to deploy these stations nationwide. As of August 2020, there are over 11,000 charging outlets at more than 5,000 locations across Canada, as reported by Natural Resources Canada.

Several fast charging networks, including Electrify Canada, facilitate long-distance, same-day driving. For more details, visit

You'll be delighted by the durability of the battery, and performance continues to enhance over time. The critical aspect is the frequency of charging and discharging.

At Volkswagen, we ensure that your battery will retain at least 70% of its usable capacity value after eight years or 160,000 km – whichever comes first.

Owning an electric vehicle is usually more cost-effective than owning a gas vehicle. Charging at home is much cheaper than filling up with gas, and some public charging stations offer free charging. With an average cost of $0.13/kWh, charging a 400 km EV from Empty to Full would only cost around $10 in electricity.

Additionally, electric technology requires less maintenance, resulting in lower servicing costs over time.

Currently, the upfront cost of purchasing an electric vehicle is slightly higher than that of a comparable gas vehicle, primarily due to the manufacturing expenses related to the battery. Nevertheless, in Canada, there are substantial purchase incentives available to help offset this difference.

These incentives include:

Charging your electric vehicle is highly secure, even in wet and rainy weather. When both your EV and charging station meet rigorous legal standards, electricity won't flow until a secure and fully safe connection is made.

Additionally, it's safe to take your vehicle through a car wash or open the hood in the rain, and your EV is just as safe as any other vehicle during lightning storms.

We’re confident you'll find the experience exhilarating, but the ultimate way to discover this is by taking a test drive. Unlike gas vehicles, electric vehicles offer almost instant torque, ensuring immediate power delivery the moment you press the accelerator. This translates to a dynamic and thrilling driving experience.

The batteries in modern EVs are cleverly integrated into the vehicle's floor, resulting in an incredibly low center of gravity and perfect weight distribution. This enhances the overall dynamics of EVs, making them truly impressive to drive.

Once you experience it, you'll never want to go back.

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